...this live set is astonishing powerful...For it’s the combination of these three musicians that defines this record. More than just shared experience and common purpose, rather a sense that music comes not from within us but from a universe of which we are a tiny part. Floating Islands might not help us save the planet but in it’s way it tells us why we should
— Jazzwise/UK 2010

What River

Another co-comission, this time with Wundergrund Festival, it is premiered at HCMF by a specially formed stellar ensemble. Anker aims to connect aesthetics of different musical worlds through musicians with a wide range of background.... In this beautifully integrated, superbly listening collective there is no association of ego.....
A quite magical and intense late-evening performance
— Andy Hamilton, The Wire 2010

"Motion Picture" by Malene Bach. Music by Lotte Anker & Jakob Riis